Throughout the entire life, there are many transitions, but the most significant one is the transition from a home, where you have many memories. With the time, downsizing is a decision that many seniors need to face. We are here to help with all the changes, making sure it goes smooth and stress free.

H2H Movers specializes in customizing our services for each individual client. We develop personal relationships with each one to make sure they know they will be cared for. We will take into account all complicated issues that can make a move overwhelming for seniors. At H2H Movers we have only one goal – eliminate the stress and anxiety of a move by coordinating every detail, while being mindful of the unique needs of older adults.


  • Determine moving time table
  • Measure your new place to determine which pieces of furniture to use
  • We will help you decide what to keep, sell, donate or distribute


  • Professionally pack all items for move into plastic totes or re-usable boxes
  • Label and inventory boxes
  • Provide all packing supplies


  • Sort through the cabinets, closets and more
  • Photograph cabinets and decor to aid in recreating the decor in your new home
  • Arrange charity pickups
  • Ship to family members
  • Act as a contact person for family members
  • Change utility, forward mail and more
  • Arrange for professional cleaning
  • Contact contractors for repairs
  • Assist with staging and coordination with realtor

Move Management

  • Determine the crew and van size needed
  • Supervise movers as they load and unload
  • Guide them for furniture placement
  • Recreate your previous home as closely as possible
  • Arrange Furniture
  • Hang pictures, draperies, small shelves and hooks
  • Connect telephone, TV and other electronics