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Affordability Is Key

Here at H2HMovers Chicago we have always had one mission – provide the best value we can to every client that reaches out to us. To make that possible we have not only invested in experienced teams, but also strive to keep our services affordable for everyone who needs them!

Only Experienced Movers

We believe in all movers that we hire in our company. Among our core values is to have moving crews who are comprised of experts only. For this reason we train our staff to handle tough moving situations, and be proficient in all the aspects of a relocation. This is how we achieve such a high quality of our services.

Packing Supplies of the Highest Quality

Do you know what is the secret to proper packing, aside from the necessary knowledge and experience? High grade packing supplies! As movers in Chicago we have access to professional packing materials, which help us ensure your items are perfectly safe during a move!

Services Tailored to Your Needs

One of the things that has always frustrated us is when companies add services to their packages, which you do not really need. Then you end up paying for something that you will never use. Here at H2HMovers you will always get a price estimate based on your situation with complete transparency!

Let Our Movers Help You With Packing & Unpacking

A Variety of Services

H2HMovers Chicago provides many services when it comes to moving, which include packing and unpacking. We have many years of experience in the field and always do an outstanding job, while keeping our prices low. Whether you need your items packed and transported, or you just want some help with moving them around, we are here for you. Just pick up the phone, give us a call and start the process!

Different Box Types Available

In order to provide you with a worry-free and a well done move, we supply everything required to pack your belongings. We have many sizes and kinds of boxes for everything you may need – from clothes to dishes. Everything will be carefully packed so that any chance of damage is minimized and your stuff is kept safe.

Get Packing Help by Experienced Moving Professionals

Our teams are specifically trained in packing and they know many things and tricks learned through experience that will make your move even easier. H2HMovers Chicago hires professionals and trains them to understand how to pack efficiently in order to provide the best service in the area. You may be surprised how many basic things about packing people don’t know and that nothing should be neglected when it comes to safety and taking care of your stuff.

Rental Options Possible

If you want to pack your items by yourself and only hire us for a move, that is possible as well. Furthermore, we provide rental options for moving boxes. They are made of durable plastic, which is environmentally friendly since it is reusable, and you do not simply discard it (unlike cardboard boxes). We can also provide you with high quality packing supplies at low prices. Contact us to learn more about that!

Frequently Asked Questions about Packing & Unpacking

How do you charge for packing and unpacking?

For packing we charge by the box, for unpacking we charge by the hour.

Are packing supplies included with the service?

Yes, we use high quality packing supplies, which protect your items properly. They come as a part of the service.

Can you use my packing supplies and moving boxes?

If you insist on us using your packing supplies, then yes – we can do that. However, that does not save you money, as our packing supplies are part of the service. As far as moving boxes go – yes, we will pack into whatever boxes you want us to, or you can rent moving boxes from us.

If you use your own boxes – we charge by the hour. If you use our boxes – we charge by the box.

Will the movers and/or packers arrive on time?

We are on time for morning jobs. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee on time delivery for afternoon or evening jobs as we do not know how fast we complete the morning job, unless we arrive there. We do our best to have an hour window in between the jobs so if we are late, we are still on time to complete everything.

Do you have insurance?

We do. We have a 3 million in liability insurances. However, only movers and public property is insured. Insurance does not apply to personal belongings. It is the same with any licensed moving company. For personal belongings we have liabilities only. For local moves it is 30 cents per lbs per item. For long distance moves it is 60 cents per lbs per item. Higher liability can be purchased at additional cost. We can go $1, $2…up to $6 per lbs per article. There is no deductible. If the customer wants a full coverage insurance, it needs to be purchased through a third party carrier, in our case it is MOVINGINSURANCE.COM

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