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Time-efficient Services

As professional movers in Chicago we understand how important it is for every business to cut down on wasted time as much as possible. This is why we are here to take care of your move in a timely and efficient manner. Our professionals will help you with packing, unpacking and more!

Business-oriented Moving

When we are carrying out a business move, our professionals consider a lot of additional things, that may not be obvious right away. Through their expertise they will help you spend less time moving and more time working. There is no need to ask your employees for help – we are here to take care of everything!

Item Safety Is A Priority

Here at H2HMovers Chicago we believe that there should be no compromise when it comes to the safety of our client’s belongings. This is even more important in a business setting, where each piece of equipment may have a crucial purpose for the right operation of the company!

Specifically Tailored Services

As professional Chicago movers we believe that the only honest rate we can charge is the personally tailored one. We do not have flat rates for moves – instead we take each of your needs into account and give you a personalized quote. That way you pay only for the job done, without unnecessary add-on services!

We Are Here To Help You Execute The Perfect Business Move

We Consider Your Needs

It very often happens that when your business grows, your office will get cramped and a move will be necessary. It also happens that you just need to upgrade the workplace with a better one. H2HMovers understands how important that is and how tiresome, tedious and stressful that can be. Every business requires care and professional attitude. And what is of equal importance is that the move is done quickly, so no business opportunities will be missed.

Our Team Is Purposefully Trained

We have specially trained teams of workers to make sure the whole process is done correctly, professionally and without any hassle. Your satisfaction is a priority to us and we want to make sure that you won’t hesitate to recommend us after our work is done. Our highly skilled movers will help you with everything – from packing, through moving, to unpacking and setting everything up.

Professional Packing Supplies for a Safe Move

We have everything required for a move, so that you won’t need to worry about a thing. That includes high grade packing supplies that are specifically designed for moving. Even if you just need rearrangement in your current place – we are here to do it for you on low hourly fees. H2HMovers is also licensed and insured, and if insurance certificates are required by your building and/or company, we will provide them.

Exceptional Customer Service and 7 Days a Week Operation

As Chicago movers we want to help you move in the most convenient time for your business. That is why our staff is always ready for your questions and we are here to work with you any day of the week! We help you move your business, but not only that – we will help you set everything up once it is moved so that you get back to work quickly enough, without wasting time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business & Office Moves

Do you disconnect appliances?

We do not. You have to get an electrician or a plumber to disconnect your mounted appliances.

Do you have insurance?

We do. We have a 3 million in liability insurances. However, only movers and public property is insured. Insurance does not apply to personal belongings. It is the same with any licensed moving company. For personal belongings we have liabilities only. For local moves it is 30 cents per lbs per item. For long distance moves it is 60 cents per lbs per item. Higher liability can be purchased at additional cost. We can go $1, $2…up to $6 per lbs per article. There is no deductible. If the customer wants a full coverage insurance, it needs to be purchased through a third party carrier, in our case it is MOVINGINSURANCE.COM

Can you provide overnight storage?

We can certainly provide you with an overnight storage. Legally, movers can store the items on a truck for no more than 5 days.

Do your rates include the truck?

Yes, our hourly rate includes the truck and it is included in the quote.

Do you disassemble and assemble the furniture?

Our Chicago movers have all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble any furniture and put it back together.

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