3 Non-obvious Things To Look Out For When Buying A Home

With H2H Movers your move is fast and easyEven though people do not see home ownership as a definite must nowadays, most of them still consider it quite the important step in a successful career and life. Once you have worked enough, it is expected that you truly settle in. We from H2H Movers have helped many people with moving them to their new home. However, we have … Read More

Top Cities for Renters

H2H Movers can help you with all things movingToday’s real estate market is not the best thing in the world. It is estimated that younger Americans may not end up owning a home in their lifetime at all. So what does this mean? We will end up with generations of renters!

While this prediction is still fairly distant, we are already seeing some trends. More and more people … Read More

Renovation Options – What Is Worth It?

H2H Movers can help you with movingRecently we have started a series that deals with renovation dilemmas. Today we are going to talk about remodeling options that are actually worth their money, as well as some that are not. If you do not want to miss out on our advice, make sure to check out our blog each Thursday for more useful information.

As professional movers Read More

Remodeling vs Moving – Which Should You Pick?

H2H Movers can help you with your moving needsMost people dream of having the perfect house, but here is the thing – no house is really perfect. Once you settle in, you will find out that minor details are not up to par. You would want to change them, but in some cases these minor things would have big consequences if you want to alter them.

Of course, … Read More

Moving To A Place With A Small Kitchen

We are here to help you with your move. Call your Chicago Movers!Looking for a new place can be challenging. Depending on where you want to move, you may have to make certain compromises, otherwise you will probably not find anything at all. But people know that, so they naturally gravitate to cutting some of their desires.

Oftentimes the first to go is a decent kitchen. While many folks have it on … Read More

The Remodeling Challenge – What About Your Stuff?

With H2H Movers your relocation is easyNo matter how much you love your place there comes a time where you just feel the need for a change. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it is necessary (e.g. structural problems, wiring issues, etc.), and at other times – we just need a side project that will bring some new life into our homes.

However, there is … Read More

Make Your Move Effortless!

Organize your move with H2H Movers!If you think about it, most people stress quite a lot about their move. That is because in essence none of them knows what to do and they have to wing it each time. Sure, you may have moved a couple of times, maybe even recently, but if you have not consciously prepared for it, you are likely going to … Read More

Organizing A Move – Some Helpful Tips

Need help moving? H2H Movers Chicago are here for you!There probably are not many people out there who would say that moving is a fun activity. Nonetheless, it is still something that has to happen every now and then. So you might as well make it go as smoothly as possible, right?

Sadly, organizing a move is not an easy thing if you have no idea what you are … Read More

Moving Office? Here Is What You Should Know!

Here at H2H Movers we always look to offer you the best service possibleWe all know how stressful moving can be. Nobody likes to change up their place of comfort, because that often brings unexpected consequences. However, change is still a crucial part of growing, and this applies doubly so to a company. Sadly though, moving is also a bit more difficult when it comes to businesses, because it takes much more consideration … Read More

Moving Seasons – Do They Matter?

With H2H Movers your moving experience will be easierFall is already here and we can already feel the cold fingers of winter reaching towards us. At that point most people would want to cozy up in their apartments or houses, turn on the heat, and stay there forever. Or at least until they have to go to work.

Still, some of us have to move – cold weather … Read More