An Eco-friendly Move – Is It Possible?

H2H Movers are one of the best moving companies in the area of ChicagoWhether we want it or not, things are not looking awesome for our planet right now. Even if you brush climate change aside, you know that dust particles in the air a problem and fossil fuels can only get us so far before we run out of them. So adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle may be the practical, not just the …
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3 Tips For The Newly Moved

H2H Movers are the best among the moving companies in ChicagoMoving is just one part of the whole process of relocation. Sure, it may be stressful, it may take months of planning and organizing, figuring out schedules and all the other minutiae. But in the end you have moved and now you are left to kick back and relax. Or are you?

Honestly, your troubles don’t stop with the end …
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5 First-time Moving Out Tips

Maybe you are done with studying, just graduated and now you have to move away from home. Or your college campus. You want that fresh taste of freedom that you just can’t get at home or even at your dorms. But first-time movers often have it rough, especially when it comes to certain details they haven’t consider.

We from H2H …
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Cross Country Moves on the Cheap – Is It Possible?

H2H Movers are the best moving company on the marketIt is a great feeling to score a high-paying job across the country. Or maybe you just want to break the routine and explore a different part of the States. Whatever the reason for your cross country move is, one thing remains certain – they are definitely expensive.

As a professional Chicago moving company we have a lot of experience …
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Great Ways To Save Money While Moving

H2H Movers is the best Chicago moving companyWe get it – people do not want to spend money on “necessities”. It is so much more fun to just go out and buy things you actually want, not things that are simply needs. Which is why we look for different ways to save up money on various services as well.

Moving is no different. A lot of us …
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How To Move A Messy Home?

H2H Movers is the best moving company in ChicagoLet’s be honest – most of us do not have enough time to keep everything neat and tidy. Sure, we like order as much as the next guy, but really – after a busy day at work you just do not care whether you fold your shirt or not.

However, these little things pile up rather quickly. Soon a small …
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A Proper Packing Routine

There are two kinds of people in this world. Well, more than two kinds, but let’s ditch that for the sake of the argument. So the kinds we are talking about are the overly orderly, or the extremely messy. Now, of course that’s a spectrum, but people do tend to get extreme in extreme circumstances.

And packing is such a …
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City vs Suburbs

When we start getting older we often think that life in the suburbs is what we should want. But that’s not necessarily true. Actually, people may decide to leave the suburbs and enjoy the city rush. For some that brings enough excitement into an otherwise boring life.

Today we are going to look at what are the benefits of moving …
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Is It Time To Move?

In our fast-paced society it is very easy to lose track of time. That is why we tend to cling to our homes and they serve as sanctuaries. Not only to recharge us though, but to give us perspective. We go to bed each night and restart the day, but at least we know that at the end of it, …
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Which Are The Moving Seasons?

Here on this blog we often talk about different moving tips and packing tricks, but we rarely mention something very important – moving often depends on what season you pick. Now, there is a reason we don’t talk much about that – quite often the exact moving time is not up to you. Maybe your lease is expiring, maybe you …
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