Simple 5-Step Moving Plan

Saying moving is hard is like saying the sun is a giant yellow ball in the sky. It sure is, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. But moving at some point in your life is inevitable. So what can you do to make it less tedious, boring or seeming downright impossible? You come up with a plan!

Today we …
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Color Coding – Packing The Right Way

When it comes to DIY moving, you can find quite a lot of advice in our blog. Even though we are professional Chicago movers, meaning we make money of that, we still want you to know there are things you can do by yourself. What’s the catch? It’s just not easy and often time-consuming.

But here we are all …
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Top 3 Apps To Help You With Your Move

It’s hard to find people who enjoy moving even a little. The only benefit for most is the enjoyment of being in a new place. But even that’s not always enough to make moving at least a passable experience.

However, there are ways to make everything a bit less tedious and tiresome. Why not employ technology to your advantage? There …
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Moving For A Job? Here’s What You Need To Ask!

Perhaps you’ve been approved for a job position out of state, or the company you work for is expanding, and now your employer asks you to move to a new location.

With these options moving may seem either inevitable and undesired, or the chance of a lifetime. Whatever the case though, there are certain things you have to ask yourself …
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3 Reasons to Plan A Road Trip with Your Cross-country Move

Moving happens to all of us. Statistically you will move about 12 times during your lifetime, but it can go as much as 20. So that’s fun, right? No, not really.

But moving CAN be fun. Well, not the move itself, but some aspects of the whole thing can be turned into quite the adventure. And this is especially so …
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Should You Downsize To A Smaller Home?

We all know the dream – having children run free in a big house, with a nice yard and tons of room. Living the American dream. Enjoying life as a parent with great career.

Alternatively, you may just enjoy living in a roomy space, especially if you can afford it. It’s great having your partner there with you and having …
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Moving To A New Home? Ask The Neighbors!

So you’re already considering a change in scenery. Or perhaps you have to move for a new job. Whatever the case is, the challenges of moving don’t just revolve around the move itself. You have to figure out what apartment you’ll be renting, where would that be and so on.

But perhaps you already have a place in mind. Well, …
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How To Move Heavy Furniture Around

Even if you are not moving to a different apartment, you may still want to move some furniture around. That’s natural – as humans we enjoy a bit of change every once in a while.

It is no surprise then that rearranging furniture is too in the expertise of movers, including ours. The truth is that many pieces of furniture …
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Moving Companies Give You the Rundown on What Supplies to Keep with You on Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves tend to become more stressful than if you were just moving across the street or within your local area. What often causes strain on people is more than just the manual labor involved in packing everything up. It’s also caused by worrying about what could go wrong on moving day and what happens after pulling up at …
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Rental Truck Breakdown Survival Guide

Last week we talked about the fact that anyone who feels a bit adventurous and wants to go for the DIY move can do just that with renting a moving truck. However, there is an issue that we didn’t address, but we are covering it today.

H2H Movers are experts in all things related to moving, so we have a …
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