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For many people, moving into a new home or commercial space can be both an extremely exciting and highly stressful experience all rolled into one. After all, even moving into a new home or commercial space that’s three blocks away requires careful coordination and a large time commitment, while moves that take you to a nearby state can be even more stressful. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to handle all of these aspects of a move. This is where we come in.

H2H Movers is a company that provides the required care for your belongings and the proper attitude towards you. We employ the nicest and friendliest movers Chicago has to offer, in order to insure your comfort and trust in us. Whether you are moving to the suburbs from the city, or the other way around, or you are just moving between two neighborhoods in Chicago movers will always be necessary, and H2H Movers is here to meet your needs. Consisting of skilled, professional and friendly individuals, our team will handle your belongings with great care and will help you through the cumbersome process of moving. In the entire area of Chicago movers that are friendly and actually skilled are very hard to find. By hiring H2H Movers you will be sure that your belongings are kept safe and are carefully transported to your desired destination.

Plastic Moving Box Rental

Cheaper, easier and greener than cardboard. No assembly or breakdown required.


H2H will deliver plastic moving boxes to your location.


Pack everything into the boxes, or let us pack for you!


Once you’re packed, we will load and move everything.


Once you’re unpacked, we will pick up the boxes.
Rent the best supplies and equipment for your fast, smooth and stress-free move

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Our Moving Services

As one of the most respected full-service moving companies in Chicago, IL, H2H Movers is proud to offer our clients with some of the most comprehensive moving services in the area. We want to keep your moving experience an exciting one, and our services are designed to reduce your stress. With so many moving services available under one roof, we keep the entire moving process hassle-free for all our residential and commercial clients.

Local Moves

Have you finally closed the deal on that house you’ve been eyeing for the last few months? We can easily help you move into your new home from anywhere in Chicago! No move is ever too big or too difficult for our experienced team of professional movers. In fact, we conduct thousands of local moves every year, making it our most requested services.

Same Building Moves

Whether your company is in the middle of expansion or your office is simply moving to a more favorable location, we have no problems helping you with your same building moves. We can easily help you pack and move large equipment, such as photocopiers, to heavy appliances like pantry refrigerators. We can even handle packing and moving dismantled office cubicles. This way, your team is ready to hit the ground running come Monday.

Long Distance Moves

There are many reasons to move to a new home in a different county. Whether your move is career-related or you are heading back to your hometown, our moving company is more than capable of transporting all your belongings quickly and safely. This way, you can focus on your excitement and the opportunities that await you wherever your destination may be.

Interstate Moves

H2H Movers Inc. is more than happy to serve customers who require interstate moving services. We understand that interstate moves can be an overwhelming process for many people, and we are here to help you in any way we can. From delivering moving supplies like boxes to help you unpack all your belongings, we strive for excellence in every move we take on.


We believe that it is of vital importance for our customers to have the best experience when it comes to moving. We are not content with anything else than excellence in our services, with staff that has years of experience and are able and willing to provide their best work at your disposal. H2H Movers has made it a goal to outshine other companies with their disrespectful and irresponsible attitude and we believe that every customer is important and dignified, and his belongings should be treated as if they are ours. We have utmost respect for our clients, which has pushed us above other companies in the field. Every piece of information that you may require will be given to you by one of our dispatches, and H2H Movers will make certain that the process of moving is worry-free, so you don’t have to stress about a thing. READ MORE