How To Move A Messy Home?

H2H Movers is the best moving company in ChicagoLet’s be honest – most of us do not have enough time to keep everything neat and tidy. Sure, we like order as much as the next guy, but really – after a busy day at work you just do not care whether you fold your shirt or not.

However, these little things pile up rather quickly. Soon a small …
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A Proper Packing Routine

There are two kinds of people in this world. Well, more than two kinds, but let’s ditch that for the sake of the argument. So the kinds we are talking about are the overly orderly, or the extremely messy. Now, of course that’s a spectrum, but people do tend to get extreme in extreme circumstances.

And packing is such a …
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City vs Suburbs

When we start getting older we often think that life in the suburbs is what we should want. But that’s not necessarily true. Actually, people may decide to leave the suburbs and enjoy the city rush. For some that brings enough excitement into an otherwise boring life.

Today we are going to look at what are the benefits of moving …
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Is It Time To Move?

In our fast-paced society it is very easy to lose track of time. That is why we tend to cling to our homes and they serve as sanctuaries. Not only to recharge us though, but to give us perspective. We go to bed each night and restart the day, but at least we know that at the end of it, …
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Which Are The Moving Seasons?

Here on this blog we often talk about different moving tips and packing tricks, but we rarely mention something very important – moving often depends on what season you pick. Now, there is a reason we don’t talk much about that – quite often the exact moving time is not up to you. Maybe your lease is expiring, maybe you …
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The Pillars of Moving

Moving is a big business – there is no denying that. So many moving companies emerge and die out that you’d think it is some sort of a golden goose chase. The truth is a bit different. It is just that a lot of people consider moving an easy thing. But it isn’t.

Whether you want to move on your …
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Tips For Moving Furniture

If you are about to try a DIY move, there are two things, which may scare you away from doing it. While DIY moves are no easy task, we want to encourage you to try it. But if you don’t want to waste time learning different moving techniques and all sorts of moving know-how, you can simply call us! As …
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A Guide To Packing Clothes

While we have many packing tips on our blog, recently we’ve noticed something is missing – a proper guide on how to pack your clothes. Well, there is nothing much to it, you might say, but actually that’s not the case.

Professional movers Chicago can obviously pack clothes for you, but a lot of people are not that comfortable with …
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New Year, New Moving Tips!

People like to associate New Year with change. We dig up our fitness equipment or we sign into a gym. We clean our rooms out of unnecessary clutter. Or we even look for a more drastic change – moving. After all, what better time can there be for such a change in your life?

While you may be quite pumped …
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On Moving Your Electronics

If you are about to try moving by yourself, then you have to know certain things. But while you can find all sorts of DIY moving information out there, it seems that a particular sort of advice is lacking – how to move your electronics. Here we will cover some very important notes so you know not to make a …
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