Staying Healthy During The Move

With H2H Movers your move can be stress-freeWe all know that moving is overwhelming. The majority of people are not proficient at it, so they have to set aside more time to take care of everything, especially if they do not hire professionals. However, this often leads to problems. You get up way ahead of your sleeping schedule, you take up more tasks than you can handle. … Read More

Moving Safety – What You Need To Know

If you want a successful move call H2H MoversEven though most people like to underestimate moving in general, the truth is that moving is not an easy thing to do. Sure, it seems pretty straightforward, but when you start considering all the little details, all of a sudden you find yourself overwhelmed.

Additionally, a lot of people these days seem to think that moving on their own is … Read More

Packing Clothes – How Hard Can It Be?

If you want H2H Movers to help you pack, we can!When it comes to the different aspects of moving, people dislike packing the most. It takes time, it is often messy and quite frankly you probably underestimate how much stuff you have. However, if you have to rank different items in terms of how hard they are to pack, you will probably not put clothes near the top. Well, maybe … Read More

How To Move A Kitchen

Want to have the perfect move? Pick H2H Movers!For a lot of people moving seems straightforward. There shouldn’t be much to it, right? What do you need to do other than pack up and get a couple of friends to help you load a truck? Well, maybe there are things you have not considered!

While there are certainly rooms in your home, which do not need much thought, … Read More

Time To Move or To Remodel?

If you want to move we from H2H Movers can help you with thatWe all dream of finding the perfect home. We have it in our minds and we pursue that vision. However, even if we find it, a few years later we feel like we can do better. Or like we just want something different.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect home. We are different people … Read More

Popular Home Decoration Trends in 2018

Want to move to a better home? We from H2H Movers can help you with that!We are halfway through 2018 and it is time to look at some interesting home decoration trends, which can help you make your home look even better. This is awesome for those of you who are using the warm summer weather to move to a new home. Because once you are there, you want to make it look perfect. So … Read More

3 Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

With H2H Movers your relocation is simple and easyWhen you first move into your home you feel all excited about it. It is something that you have to make it your own, so to speak. So you start decorating, arranging the furniture, buying new items for it. But with time that excitement wanes and you are left with the routine. Yet that is not a bad thing.

The … Read More

Choose Your Next Home – What To Avoid

Want to avoid most moving mistakes? Trust H2H Movers for that!We have to be honest with ourselves – we have a dream home. Perhaps it is a big house, filled with children who are constantly smiling and laughing. You have a big backyard, where you can invite your friends over for a BBQ afternoon. You have a nice front lawn that doesn’t need that much care, but still looks great.… Read More

How To Make Your Place Feel New

Moving is easy with the best Chicago moversThe definition of a perfect place we can call home has to include “comfortable”. But can comfort actually be too much? So much that the whole things starts to feel boring a bit? That is actually possible!

If you feel like your home is just way too bland for you and you want a bit of a change, we have … Read More

Want A Great Move? Watch Out For These Disasters!

Trust H2H Movers as your Chicago moversConsidering how stressful moving is, it is now wonder that people want to get it perfectly right. So what do you do? You go online, you look for the best practices and you follow them. At least that is what common sense tells you. However, you will have a problem when you learn that the best practices may not be … Read More